We're Here at the Beginning and As Your Career Grows

Finally. A career planning resource that does what you need it to do, at every phase of your career. On one platform. Connect US Health is your guide to the healthcare career that you are interested in. We provide a home for you to keep your resume/CV up to date and ready, and we help you create and enhance your professional social media profile that shows how professional you really are. We’re here for you, right now, wherever you are in your career.

High School Students. Connect to:

  • Healthcare career choices – discover information on the traditional and the very latest
  • Your AHEC and locations of others should you travel
  • Mentors, fellow students
  • Internship opportunities
  • Colleges, technical schools, certification programs, and employers

College and Vocational Students. Connect to:

  • Post graduate programs and other career strengthening resources
  • Service and clinical related openings
  • Employment opportunities
  • Tuition reimbursement information

Working Professionals. Connect to:

  • Professional societies and associations
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Potential employers to enhance your career growth
  • Facilities - developing your professional skills and awareness
Educational Institutions - We Connect You to Students at Home and Across the Country

Connect US Health is the only targeted tool for colleges, vocational schools, and certification programs to reach students interested in healthcare careers across the entire United States and US Territories.

Connect US Health is the only targeted tool for Professional Societies and Associations to reach potential new members; providing a targeted approach to offer continuing education opportunities and share the value of membership.