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Finally, a career resource just for aspiring and practicing healthcare professionals!

Competition for acceptance into healthcare academic programs is fierce! The best time to start preparing for a career in healthcare is at the beginning of your high school and college years. Connect US Health provides you a safe and secure web-based portal to build and maintain your Personal Career Portfolio.

  • Activities to support hands on learning
  • Experiences to prove your commitment
  • Education to expand your knowledge
  • Documentation to prove your commitment to a career in healthcare

Jobs for practicing healthcare professionals are abundant – companies compete fiercely to on-board you and your specialized skill set! Gone are the days when an employee stays with one company for their entire career – it is now the norm that employees seek new jobs every 3-5 years. That means more opportunities for you if you can show your stuff! Your Personal Career Portfolio will guarantee you have access to all your past job history, your current and past licensure and certifications, and the documentation to prove it! No more relying on your employer to do this work for you – You’ve Got This! With help from Connect US Health.

Connect US Health provides you a place to store, and showcase if you wish, all the information and documentation that will open doors to new career opportunities!

Connect US Health is a work in progress by a dedicated team who understands the challenges facing aspiring and practicing healthcare professionals to track the ever-increasing demand by employers and governmental regulations to supply the best and most qualified healthcare professionals to care for their patients. Connect US Health is your resource to support your career making it easier for you to supply your current and future employers the information they need from one, safe and secure location.

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